Belin Mollov


„The reason I studied architecture and then worked for 50 years as an architect and urban planner is because I loved and still love to paint. By title, I’m not an artist – I am an architect who paints.” Arch. Belin Mollov Arch. Belin Mollov was born in Ruse, Bulgaria on October 23, 1946, graduated as Magister Architect, Urban planner in 1969 in Sofia. Now he has 50 years of experience in the field of spatial planning and urban development. His akvarel paintings hold the spirit of the Bulgarian architecture. Arch. Mollov is an artist and an active member of the “Club of architects – artists” and regularly participates in the general exhibitions. He has more than 10 solo exhibitions in Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria. One of them “European Capitals”, organized in 2006, was devoted to the accession of Bulgaria to the EU. In 2016 in Sofia was held a Jubilee retrospective exhibition with more than 200 paintings, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the architect.

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